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EaterWire: Crown City Closing, Suede Lounge Opening

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PASADENA: Sad day for beer aficionados in the 'Dena: Crown City Brewery will close after May 31. From lafoodblogging: "Crown opened in 1988 just south of Pasadena’s Central Park and began serving their Arroyo Amber and Mount Wilson Wheat to the masses. On top of their house beers, the pub stocks over a hundred bottled beers and 30 more draft beers, an astonishing selection for our burg. Until the brewery finally broke down in 2002, Crown held the distinction of being Los Angeles’ oldest operating brewpub. Pasadena’s Craftsman Brewing picked up the slack and provides the pub with its flagship brews." The closure is blamed on inadequate parking, tough competition and, most importantly, the landlord's refusal to grant a new long-term lease. The remaining partners are searching for a space to reopen. [lafoodblogging]

DOWNTOWN: The owners of Suede Lounge, coming to the ground floor of the Westin Bonaventure hotel this month, have shifted from calling it the “hottest new celebrity bar” to "a place to unwind before hitting the Downtown traffic." Smart. Also smart: Good happy hour where many items cost a cool $4. And because Financial District suits or Downtownizens (coined!) can't live by "overly coordinated suede furniture" and fruity cocktails alone, there are non-alkie drinks and free wifi should the need to stay sober and/or work strike. [Angelenic]