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Burger Wars: WeHo Swaps Semi-Healthy Burgers for Semi-Healthy, Organic Burgers

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A few WeHo operatives sent word that Topz, the "healthy" burger joint on SMB, closed: "No more aero-fries, chopped salad, or make-your-own sodas. Oh well." Ah, don't fret, a new "healthy" burger joint is moving in! A few weeks ago we talked with Andy Soboil and Martha Chang, owners of the new O! Burger, who will be opening in the former Topz location. What's O! Burger got that Topz doesn't? From the owners:

"EVERYTHING is made with certified organic ingredients from our buns to our sauces, meats, vegetables and anything else that’s edible...the beef is organic grass fed, the turkey is organic free-range, the organic veggie burger is proprietary, our organic fries are baked and our O! Sauce (our version of 1000 Island) is house made with heart healthy ingredients. We are applying as much “green” as we can to our interior and we’ll use 100% eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable, compostable, and/or biodegradable."
That Topz was one of four locations in CA; we're waiting to hear if others are closing or opening. O! Burger was slated to open this month, and we know the windows are papered over but do not have a solid debut date. Stay tuned.