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Fire Sprinklers = Good: Katsuya's Wet Night

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There's a learning curve for any brand new restaurant, no matter how many times the parent company has been through an opening. Case in point: A tipster tells us that people dining on the coveted upstairs patio at the Americana at Brand Katsuya had a little unexpected shower last night. Apparently the heat lamps accidentally triggered a fire sensor under the canopy, which activated one of the sprinkler heads, which in turn soaked anyone and anything on the terrace a bit. According to reps: "Any diners that were inconvenienced were offered complimentary dinner and the situation has since been remedied." The restaurant only opened two weeks ago, but it's good to know the fire system is in working order, and now they know not to put heat lamps under the canopy. We can check those off the list.
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