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Keller in LA?

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The Keller-returning-to-LA rumor won't die. Just in from a reader: "Had dinner at Per Se. Wonderful meal - even better wine pairings. Was invited to the kitchen and managed to get the following info while in there. The next Thomas Keller restaurant will be in LA. He was meant to have looked at Hong Kong, Washington, Scottsdale. Apparently the LA restaurant will be similar to Bouchon, but tailored more to the LA lifestyle (I guess similar to what Ramsay is doing??)" Of course, this is still all rumor and didn't come from the man himself, but two high management staffers buckled under pressure and dished. The most recent Keller tease we heard was that he planned Per Se or something similar at the stalled Grand Avenue Project downtown. His reps denied that he was opening anything there, but we don't recall them saying he had no plans for LA. Ok, focus. Breathe. Thomas Keller in LA. Holy crap. [EaterWire]