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Eater Inside: Father's Office 2.0

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Yeah, sure, OK. It's been covered. But really, the only time you're going to see Sang Yoon's new Father's Office this empty is if you arrive right when the doors open. From day one---and we know---the place has been packed, there's almost always a line at the door, and with that patio, there's very little turn-and-burn. Without the hordes of beer (and burger) geeks, you can really see the details: The woodwork, the shiny cement floor with the word "beer" inlaid at the doorways, the leather chairs. The base for the bar? The same wood used for the top was used as a cement mold first, so all the grain matches. The picnic tables? All custom designed. You've heard it all before, but it bears repeating: 72 taps, 36 beers, plus boutiqe wines, cocktails made with select artisanal spirits, mixers on the side, no vodka; still no modifications on the menu, no ketchup, and the burger and fries in the little cart are as crave-worthy as ever, but so are the curry lemongrass mussels. Order at the bar, grab a number, commence eagle-eye stalking. Sit with a stranger if you must. We've been, Jonathan Gold's been, and it's been a blogger frenzy. Full coverage here.