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Flor Morena Mystery SOLVED: Michelangelo Moving In

Former Flor Morena and all. that. parking., Wildbell, Flickr

Readers, neighbors, people who wanted that parking lot expressed a lot of interest in the former Flor Morena space on Rowena in Silver Lake. There were rumors, but a Hound finally has the scoop:

News! Progress! The Flor Morena space in Silverlake will officially be the new location for Michelangelo. The guys hope to be open in early summer. Their last day in the current space on Silverlake Blvd. is 5/28.
Michelangelo was just another pawn in the game of Silver Lake restaurant musical chairs, first announcing problems with the landlord would force them to close, then Josef Centeno was interested in the space, then the landlord was crazy again. It's good that they're staying in the neighborhood and good that it's a neighborhood spot moving in instead of some, some outsider. This makes three of the last five SL rumors now dispelled and/or verified. So what's going on with Eat Well, the current Michelangelo space, and Back Door Bakery?
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