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Post-Plywood Special OC Edition: Charlie Palmer

We don't cover too much in Orange County, but there are a few notable happenings coming up that deserve a mention. Here we have some Post-Plywood shots of Charlie Palmer at Blooomingdale's South Coast Plaza (yes, the official name; no we won't be calling it that), which will have a soft open around May 27 and grand opening on May 29. Now, this partnership with a department store is interesting, but since Palmer's Aureole has sat just a few blocks from Bloomingdale's on the Upper East Side of Manhattan since 1988, it sort of makes sense. The cellphone snaps don't reveal much, except that maybe it looks nothing like the rendering, but according to the website words like "couture" and "luxurious" are used to describe the space. There will also be a wine retail shop called Next Vintage for picking up that bottle from dinner for home. Here's a preview of the menu.