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Taco Libre: Everyone's Talking Tacos

Amy Scattergood took a spin around Taco Libre in East LA last night, the last night before taco trucks are limited to 60 minutes in one spot or face steep fines and even jail time: "The taco crowd was good, especially considering that the Lakers were playing game 5 only a few miles away. And the gathering was upbeat, proving that a heady taco al pastor can generate more civic goodwill than a questionable city ordinance. founders Chris Rutherford and Aaron Sonderleiter (looking tired, overwhelmed by the enormous publicity their site has generated, and a bit sauce-spattered) said that they've received over 9,000 signatures on their petition -- but no comment from District 1 County Supervisor Gloria Molina." Of course, this ordinance only covers unincorporated areas of Los Angeles, but that's about 65% of the county and that's a lot of taco trucks.

In other taco news, Zocalo sponsors "Remember the Taco Truck!" on May 22 with panelists Jonathan Gold, CHOW's C. Thi Nguyen, Barry Glassner and co-founder Chris Rutherford. It's free, parking is $5 and you must reserve ahead of time.
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