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Eater Sneak Peek: Kitchen 24

Talking with some Hollywood locals last night, the question came up: "Who will win: 101 Cafe, the Waffle, or Kitchen 24?" Surely they meant the race of which diner will the trendsters flock to when it's time to file out of the clubs. 101 already has its following; the Waffle, even after ditching its planned 24-hour waffleage, has its thing. Kitchen 24, a different concept than either (full bar! DJs!), has something else going for it: Location. Sitting on Cahuenga across from Goa and sandwiched between Velvet Margarita and Citizen Smith, not to mention walking distance from myriad bars and clubs and events, people will definitely go there. From a little sneak peek, we saw high ceilings, a big counter/bar, white leather booths, walnut-topped tables, and these cool cutlery chandeliers designed by Kris Keith. It could easily be a trendy bar as much as a diner, which it plans to be 24 hours a day. But will the Cahuenga Corridor crowd take to it after hours? We'll see after it opens later this month.
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