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So That's Why SBE Charges So Much For Drinks

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Someone's gotta fuel the SBE private jet and Bentley! Indulge us here. We're just catching up on our Hills (sure we watch, you dont'?), and in this ep before the finale, Heidi flies off to Vegas with CEO Sam Nazarian and Brent Bolthouse to do some "project managing" for the new SBE hotel (the company plans to Los Angelesize the aging Sahara). Why this really is faux-reality TV: Like gazillionaire Nazarian would express any real interest in some random assistant's personal life, i.e. asking about boyfriend troubles. More believable: The slightly creeply laugh he and Bolthouse share over how the BF will "lose his mind" because she's in Vegas. Kinda ew. For the interested, in the finale, Nazarian walks around the Sahara and talks up the plans. Think: St. Tropez, "Club Cinq Cinq," lots, and lots of work.
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