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On Mixology

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We're this close to calling a moratorium on mixology, but then we meet Ryan Magarian, SBE's resident cocktail man: "'I’m not trying to get people to drink more. I’m getting people to drink less. I just want you to drink better,' he says...Not only do ingredients have to be carefully selected, measured precisely, and made in specified equipment, Magarian is uncompromising when it comes to the physicality of the craft. His drill is gospel: stand straight, shake at two o'clock for exactly six seconds, left foot forward, stomach tight ("don't let the drink shake you"), pinkie down when cracking the shaker open, and pour. Garnishes and final glass presentation require attention, too. It's all part of 'teaching how to never make a bad drink.'" Ok, maybe this is why SBE's cocktails cost $15 and up. [Food Section/ELA]