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Eater StarWatch: Brett Ratner and Russell Simmons Like Froyo, Charlize at Comme Ca and MORE

Here we are, another week older and celebrity rich as always. See someone at your favorite haunt? Send it on to the StarWatch tip line.

YAMATO: "Spotted Sela Ward and her hubby on Friday night (5/9), enjoying late night cocktails and a small bite." [StarWatch Inbox]

THREE FORKS: Why Will & Grace's Eric McCormack was was all the way out in Claremont is anyone's guess. But he was spotted dining on the patio last Friday (5/9). [StarWatch Inbox]

CEFIORE: Celebrities, they're just like you!: "A few nights ago, I was getting some frozen yogurt from my neighborhood Cefiore, on Sunset across from the Laugh Factory, and I saw Brett Rattner and Russel Simmons. Russel seemed more into his blackberry, but Brett seemed to be enjoying the yogurt. I know Rattner frequents the chinese restaurant next door, so I guess this is where he goes for dessert." [StarWatch Inbox]

PACE: Leelee Sobieski spotted at the Laurel Canyon hideaway on Sunday (5/11). "She was there on the late side and was sitting with a man (didn't see who) and was one of the last people left in the restaurant when we left. Prettier in person. And blonder." [StarWatch Inbox]

LUCKYFISH: Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosia was having dinner at the newish conveyor belt sushi spot on Friday 5/9. [StarWatch Inbox]

COMME CA: Having Mother's Day brunch: Charlize Theron, with her mom, stepdad and boyfriend Stuart Townsend. [Malkin/E!]

CITY BAKERY: Getting a taste of their NYC home, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick were spotted getting a bite in Brentwood. [Malkin/E!]