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Eater Inside: Delancey

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Here we have Delancey, Hollywood's new "Italian gastropub," a good bar that just happens to have food which happens to be of the pasta-pizza-eggplant parm variety. Since it opened last month, daily lunch has been added and--bonus!--lots of sidewalk seating. Similar to the Bowery down the street (also owned by George Abou-Doud), you can roll into Delancey for a well-poured cocktail (impressive spirits list), glass of Italian vino, or a flight of beer from the 20 taps, or sit for orcchiette with sausage, prosciutto and arugula pizza, fritto misto, zeppole. It's whatever you need it to be, and good service to boot. Set on a part of Sunset Boulevard with little like it around, the crowd ebbs and flows but keeps growing. That'll probably change when Abou-Daoud opens a wine bar, take-out Italian deli, and Mexican spot all on the same corner: It's sure to be a neighborhood anchor in no time. Further reading here.