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Does Los Feliz Need a New Wine Shop?

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An industry insider once told us that by highlighting notices hanging in windows of restaurants and bars awaiting liquor license approval, we're in fact throwing a wrench in the process because we alert the neighborhood, or more importantly, the neighbors who vocally disapprove of new restaurants or bars for parking, booze or other reasons. Of course, that's what the notices are for---to alert the neighbors---and whether we highlight them or not, locals will still voice their concern. On the flip side, some owners actually want our help. Today, a note from Michael Probst who's trying to open a new wine bar and shop in Los Feliz:

We are very excited to announce our plans to open “a surprisingly different type of wine merchant?” and wine tasting bar named Corkx wine & life at 2114 Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz Village. It is a hybrid wine shop specializing in great American artisan wines, upscale gift shop and wine bar. Our biggest challenge is parking. Unfortunately, we are unable to secure the seven additional night time parking spaces required by the city in order to obtain our CUP, even though there is plenty of street parking and a public valet attended parking lot across the street at the Derby. Without parking we won’t be able to open Corkx wine & life. If we can't secure parking, no other business could either; the building would be unusable in a commercial zone and may sit empty. We need to reach the residents of Los Feliz in hopes of gaining their assistance and public support.
Probst, who probably means "no other business that wants to serve alcohol," is meeting with Council District 4 and the Neighborhood Council to discuss whether there is a general need for something like Corkx in the community. If you Los Felizans want a new wine shop in your 'hood, we have a sample email and address after the jump. If you don't, you know what to do.

Sample Support email for Corkx wine and life:
To: The Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council and Planning Committee

My name is John Doe and I have been a resident of Los Feliz at 1234 Avocado Street for 8 years. One of the many reasons why I chose to live in the Los Feliz community is the vast diversity of it residents and its growing conveniences of the unique shops and restaurants that dot both Vermont Avenue and Hillhurst Avenue. Corkx wine & life would be a valued addition to our community especially on the Northern end of Hillhurst where there is little boutique type shopping available and where there is plenty of adequate street parking and a public parking lot. There are few shops in Los Angeles that specialize in artisan wines coupled with home decor and gift arrangements and none that I am aware of that conducts educational wine tastings in the Los Feliz area. I strongly support this cultural addition to our village.

John Doe
1234 Avocado
(Send email to: