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EaterWire: Square One's New Owners, New Goudas & Vines, Chefs & Champagne This Weekend

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LA: News for breakfast lovers: The owners of Square One Dining---Phil Fox, Robert Lee and Hayden Ramsay---have sold the restaurant to John Himelstein of Gingergrass and partners D'nell Larson and Manao Davidson. Before you get your applewood smoked bacon in a bunch, the new owners plan on "keeping everything basically the same" except now they'll open on Mondays. [Eating LA]

SANTA MONICA: The owners of Montrose's Goudas & Vines turned the wine shop into Three Drunken Goats tapas restaurant, but are now planning another Goudas & Vines across town. Signage was spotted next to the second La Grand Orange location at 2000 Main Street. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: If you're not busy on Sunday and have $275 burning a whole in your pocket, a reminder that the James Beard Foundation's first Chefs & Champagne event in LA will be happening on Melrose Place at 5pm. Greenspan! Citrin! Cimarusti! Fraser! Manzke! Myers! Colicchio!!! Champagne!!! [EaterWire]