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Americana at Brand: What Isn't Open and When

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Seeing the shambles many of the restaurants and kiosks were in earlier this week, mere days before the grand debut, it's amazing how many actually opened today. On Tuesday, workers were still hammering, hanging, floors weren't even in on some places, but today the big restaurants opened their doors to throngs of people who acted like they've never seen a Cheesecake Factory in their life. And although the AAB flacks swore everything would open on May 2, there are still a few boarded up. Before you head out looking for swirly things, New York-style pizza or sausages, we have an update:

Frida's Mexican Cuisine: Staffers were in a training meeting, but the place was full of construction and commotion. Lots of equipment laying around, workmen, etc. One guy told us it won't open for a few weeks, but Americana reps say "early next week."

Jewel Street Diner: Again, we saw staffers inside getting the rundown, boxes on the counter, people in meetings, but the sign on the door says "We Are Almost Ready!" and will open on Sunday, May 4. Cute little space, old-school diner-esque inside, lots of tables outside. Right near the fountain.

Pinkberry: The sign read "Swirlers in training," which made us gag like a spoonful of green tea froyo covered in mochi. Pinkberry will open on Sunday, May 4.

The Kiosks: Richie's Pizzeria, Jodi Maroni's, CrepeMaker, and Nestle Toll House Cafe and the pretzel hut will all open in "a few weeks." There was some issue with the actual kiosks sitting in the New York Harbor before they were shipped out here? The only kiosk open is Beard Papa's near the main Brand entrance.
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