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The Writing on the Geisha House Wall Answered!

Geisha House put some bold new Asian script on the side of their building (some commenters suggested it's Chinese, which is odd since it's a Japanese restaurant; another tipster said "it's Japanese, modern style trying to be old prose"), and we wanted you to translate the definition, real or imagined. We promised sake and/or glory for the best and correct answers, all just a click away.

Best Translation: a haiku from commenter/blogger Food Marathon:
Uber-Lohan Spicy Burrito Roll.
Silicone. Price Gouge.
Tourists enter here."

Runner up:
Give me your wired, your rich,
Your huddled masses yearning to be famous,
The wretched refuse and the teeming bore.
Send these, the privileged, the obnoxious to me:
I lift my lamp beside the red door.

What it means, according to commenter eileen216 (confirmed by several sources):
Flaming Hot Passion
Sinful Desire
All meet right here....

Guess they can't paint that on Les Deux. (Like we said boys...too easy.) As for that promised bottle of sake to the winners the next time we're in Geisha: The last time we were in Geisha was on day two when it opened in 2004. It might be awhile. But the glory: All yours.
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