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Kosher Restaurant Closures: Mamash, Prime Grill

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According to the Jewish Journal, there's been a spate of kosher restaurant closures over the last few months and the reasons are many. The Prime Grill---Joey Allaham's New York kosher steakhouse that opened in Beverly Hills in December 2006---closed in February. It had a celebutante and starwatcher following when it first debuted, but apparently it never took hold; the community said it was the high prices. Shutter rumors swirled in January, reps denied, but by February the restaurant closed due to "rainwater damage," and now the phone is disconnected.

Mamash didn't even last three months; it opened in December 2007 and closed in March. Owner Warren Bregman says he and his partners underestimated finances, couldn't survive on a kosher clientele alone, and the corporate clientele they hoped to attract didn't come. After 15 years, the Magic Carpet closed and turned Indian in April. So what gives? Errol Fine, owner of Pat's Restaurant on Pico, thinks the market is oversaturated: "Maybe there's not enough population to support all these kosher restaurants that have sprung up -- there's only so much of a kosher pie that gets divided. People have to make their choices."
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