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Americana At Brand Debut: 14+ New Restos For Glendale, All At Once

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Oh yeah, baby. It's here! In case you haven't watched a local news channel, read the paper or perused the blogosphere: Rick Caruso's new Americana at Brand opens today. The $400 million mixed use shopping mall/residential development is the Grove on steroids, more Vegas than Glendale, everything's bigger, splashier, shinier. We had a sneak preview earlier this week while workmen polished, buffed, painted and constructed finishing touches in just about every nook and cranny. Curbed and Racked LA have obsessed over the residential and shopping side of things, and we've done our part for the restaurants---Katsuya! Frida! Beard Papa's! Cheesecake Factory! Caruso promised everything would open today for the big debut, but the way things looked on Tuesday, that seemed like such a stretch. We'll have a full report from the scene soon.
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