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EaterWire: Toast's New Boutique, Glendale's La Cubana Closed, Moving

Forthcoming boutique at Toast via Racked LA

MID-CITY: If you think resto-lounges should be over, what about resto-stores? (Or is it store-restos?) Toast has hosted little boutiques in the restaurant's extra space, and soon a Veronica M will be opening. Per Racked LA: "We asked employees what the deal was—will there be a wall? Will it be open for full food smellage? They didn't know but thought there might be sliding glass doors or something." [Racked LA]

GLENDALE: We were tipped off that La Cubana Restaurant, which has been located on Colorado Boulevard since the late 80s, is closed but will open at 135 North Maryland. Teary placeholder from the website: "We apologize for not posting this any sooner and we hope you will be back when we open our new location. Thank you for your continued support throughout the years, we have come a long way together and for that I genuinely thank you. From all of us @ La Cubana Restaurant... Hasta Lueguito." [EaterWire]