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PizzaWire: Verrazano's Taking Over The Pig, Lucifer's Gets Rosetta Stone in Los Feliz

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You can never have too much pizza in this town, no siree.

MID-CITY: Looks like someone finally snatched up The Pig on La Brea. The last time we saw it, complete shambles. Moving in, per the signange and snaps: Verrazano's Pizza. The only thing we came up with on Google is a Verrazano's in Vegas. Related? [PLYWOOD]

LOS FELIZ: Driving by too quickly to snap a picture, a reader sends this: "Yet ANOTHER pizza place in Los Feliz, named Lucifer’s. Tagline 'damned good pizza’. The windows are papered so I can’t see in." 'Clever' marketing aside, the space is the former Rosetta Stone Gallery on Hillhurst, near En Sushi and Tropicalia. Again, not much coming up in our research. Anyone? [PLYWOOD]