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DessertWire: Fulfilled "Imagawayaki" Coming to Bev Hills

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A reader sends in this snap and a query: "I was walking along Little Santa Monica near Canon and came across this Coming Soon sign. How can you miss that face! I tried to do a google search for "Fulfilled" but couldn't find any info on this. Either way, it seems quite intriguing. It's two doors down from the Pinkberry. Interesting..." Because we don't know what imagawayaki are, our first thought was this maybe Fulfilled is the feminine Beard Papa's. Let the cream puff crush commence! But no, from a photo-heavy post on Slashfood we learn about Mitsuru Cafe, an imagawayaki shop in Little Tokyo: "The imagawayaki are made with a batter similar to a waffle or pancake batter. The batter is poured into special cooking contraptions that are used especially for imagawayaki---a large pan made of cast iron or aluminum that has small molds for each pastry and is placed over a direct heat source." The street food treats are traditionally filled with sweetened red bean paste, although we imagine anything can go inside the little suckers. We love that LA is often a testing ground for bringing world cuisines to the masses, but will Bev Hills shoppers take to red bean paste pastries vs sugar-bombs like Crumbs, Sprinkles or even Pinkberry? Interesting indeed.
· Imagawayaki, A Photo Essay [Slashfood]