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Eater Inside: Crown Bar

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Here we have Crown Bar, the restaurant and lounge that opened in the former Tempest space a few weeks ago. Yeah, it's definitely a celeb magnet, which was to be expected: Several partners are entertainment heavyweights and with that comes the stars and their entourage, and the entourage's entourage. But like sibling Winston's just a few blocks away, even thought trendy crowds flock, the douchebag attitude is kept to a minimum. They're on to something with good music and a comfortable room that blends feminine and masculine accents into a kind of 30's-40's-esque vibe; there's a nice patio shrouded by leafy bushes out front. The real bonus is a full menu (a taste here; more on the website) from chef Chris Ennis, things like flat breads with La Quercia prosciutto, "sloppy pig" sliders, crab and sweet corn fritters, short rib shepard's pie. Cocktails follow suit (whiskey, Veev with blackberries, Hendrick's martinis with rosemary). There's no real trick to getting in---just call or email for a dinner reservation---but later, DJs spin, the crowd thickens, and a lot of tables go for bottle service only. Doesn't mean you can't hang around the bar, centered for optimal exposure/people watching/schmoozing. Locals might appreciate the weekend brunch that will start in a couple months. Peruse some early scoopage here.