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That's Guy-Oh: Critiquing Hell's Kitchen

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Sophie Gayot, who's been known to introduce herself as "the world's greatest restaurant critic" to other journalists, was on Hell's Kitchen this week. How'd we know? Oh, the multiple blasts from and her email signature that said "Be prepared to watch Hell's Kichen on May 20th" for the last month. On the ep, Gordon Ramsay told the chefs that "two of America's finest restaurant critics" would be be in the restaurant, so they better up their game. The critics, both very well known on the LA restaurant scene, were Gayot plus Zagat's Merrill Schindler, who's also well known on the playing-a-critic-on-TV circuit. Gayot got in about five words ("this is too peppery" and "very nice") while Schindler carried the brief table segments with his special brand of banter: "This is a nicely turned order of salmon." (Sidenote: It's probably best the producers didn't use subtitles for Gayot's heavily French accented quips, a la Rock of Love II, but it would've been funny.) In the end, the two critics picked the Blue Team over the "sloppy" Red Team, and we're just that much closer to finding out who gets the mid-level spot at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood.
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