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The Shutter: Bob's Big Boy Wilshire Closing

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MID-CITY: According to the preservationist forum Lotta Living, Bob's Big Boy on Wilshire Boulevard received an eviction notice to make way for Beverly Hills BMW. The restaurant and its 25 employees have to out by July 1. This Bob's location opened in 1972; it's not the most iconic in town nor is it the most loved. But because it's one of the last Chula Vista ranch styles left, it has some historic value. According to manager Jenefer Deasis, when the dealership announced plans to build its mechanical and servicing garage on the property last year, the Sycamore Square Homeowner's Association fought to stop it and won. This year, however, BMW's new plan is to tear down Bob's for its showroom. Deasis says she's working with the LA Conservancy to get landmark status for the diner, but they might not have enough time. They'll also have a petition to sign to send to Councilman Tom LaBonge's office for help. Since this Bob's is individually owned, the corporate group can't do much other than help with relocation. "So many employees have worked here for more than 20 years," says Deasis. "Relocating isn't that easy."
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