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Plywood Rumblings: Forty Deuce on Melrose

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It was a bit of a shocker to hear that Ivan Kane would shutter his longstanding burlesque baby Forty Deuce, and now all everyone wants to know is what's taking over the space on Melrose. We've heard some rumblings---that it would be called Oliver's, owned by someone involved with Magnolia---but those details aren't entirely true. Here's what we know: The name Oliver's was tossed around (no sign on the building as one Curbed reader states), but it probably won't be called that. Plus, there's already an Oliver's Cafe in Bev Hills, no? It will be a lounge, maybe with a food element, and Kris Keith from Spacecraft Design is working with the owners on design (obvs, from the picture above). Other than that, things are still a bit hush-hush, but we'll have the scoop soon enough. Stay tuned.
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