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Late Nights

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Because it's all the rage coming up with new gimmicks for business these days, Denny's plans a new late-night theme. This weekend Denny's will try to lure "twentysomethings" from 10pm-5am with alternative rock, servers in jeans and T-shirts (do they mean like Greasers?), and two late-night-only menus with things like nacho cheese fries and mini burgers. They even have bands in on the act. From USA Today: "For Denny's it's a no-brainer: 47% of its late-night customers are under 24. Two of three aren't coming from work, but from spots like night clubs or bowling alleys. A trip to Denny's is to continue the party...'There's a time when Denny's was cool, and we can get back there,' CEO Nelson Marchioli says." [USA Today]