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Plywood Report: Isla, Coronet Pub, Soul, Aroma Cafe Hollywood, Mina's XIV, More Pinkberry

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: The newly whitewashed Isla Cantina is slated to open on June 3 at the corner of Sunset and Holloway. This is the former Tangerine and once home to Woody Harrelson's oxygen bar; Isla has been in the works for months, and we have little else to go on about the concept except that there are nachos on the website and "cantina" in the name. Conclusions drawn. [POST-PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We know that Mark Flanagan is moving Largo to the Coronet Theater (slated to open June 2), but what of the Coronet Pub next door? It's painted the same burgundy as the rest of the compound, but there's a semi-unconfirmed rumor that Jones/Bar Lubitsch owner Sean MacPherson has dibs on the little dive bar. A Jones staffer recently told us he heard the same thing but not from the "top dogs" directly. Just the idea of a new MacPherson bar: Hotness. [PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Update: SBE has the former Privilege stripped down to the bones for the Michael Mina project, XIV. Don't expect a debut until Fall, probably late.[PLYWOOD]

HOLLYWOOD: There some serious Plywood surrounding Yealang Smith's SOUL restaurant on the corner of Hollywood and Sycamore, which we assume means serious activity. Last we heard, the chef wanted to debut her healthy, gourmet soul food restaurant---designed by Tag Front, no less---this June. [PLYWOOD]

HOLLYWOOD: The folks at Curbed LA got a shot of the former Denny's on Sunset that will soon become another Aroma Bakery & Cafe. Phone message at the original Aroma in Encino says it will open "very soon." [PLYWOOD]

HOLLYWOOD: Meh, yeah. Another Pinkberry, another corner. This one is at 7288 Sunset Blvd, but like all the other ones, you never really know when it will open. It's a "secret." Oopsers. Per the commenters below, this Pinkberry is already swirling. [OPEN]

Some photos from Curbed LA