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Week in Reviews

Jonathan Gold's Lot 1 preview is just one more reminder that the man was a music critic before he got the Pultizer for food writing: "Some restaurants emerge fully formed, rough edges smoothed by architects and restaurant consultants, menus run through focus groups, wine lists put into place by sommeliers who may never have set foot into the ZIP code. Lot 1 is the other kind of new restaurant, a raw space seemingly willed into being, black walls and nine funky tables, heart-stoppingly beautiful tattooed waitresses, and a farmers-market-intensive roster of Asian/Latin dishes from insanely talented former Opus chef Josef Centeno, which seems as improvised as free jazz? I’m not sure if eating at the current Lot 1 is the equivalent of seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers 25 years ago at the Anticlub, but it might be." [LAW]