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EaterWire: Home Moving Into Rudolpho's, Chef Changes at Saddle Peak, Armenian Foods This Weekend

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SILVER LAKE: An alarmed trivia player emailed an operative about Rudolpho's: "Did you see that the place on Riverside/Fletcher where trivia night was is changing?? Do you know what the deal is - some crazy-ass birdhouse as a sign!" We partially know the deal: Aram Serobian will open a second Home Restaurant in the Rudolpho's space "in a few weeks," according to one Home staffer. The original on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, we're told, is not closing. [EaterWire]

CALABASAS: A chef change: Adam Horton is the new exec chef at Saddle Peak Lodge. The former sous, Horton worked with Warren Schwartz when he was exec chef and more recently Steven Rojas. The game and animal heads, stay. [EaterWire Inbox]

MONTEBELLO: There are plenty of splashy not-to-miss food events during the summer, but we also heart the smaller ethnic food festivals. This weekend the Armenian Food Fair takes place at the Holy Cross Cathedral (Sat, May 31, 12pm-4pm). Food favorites include chicken kebabs to baklava to cheese boreg and kufta. Mmm, kufta. Lakers' fans don't fret: They'll have something rigged so you can watch the game. [EaterWire Inbox]