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Will Century City Have a Taste For RockSugar?

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The LAT takes a look at RockSugar, the new Cheesecake Factory-owned, pan-Asian mega-restaurant that's anchoring a corner of the Westfield Century City mall. Even with chef Mohan Ismail's "shaking beef," table reservations, and an enormous ornate restaurant featuring Burmese Buddha statues, dragons and intricately carved teak panels and beams, there's no gaurantee Cheesecake's (which they'll also have, made out of tofu) new concept will work. Plus, there's the economy---analysts say CF needs to raise prices, not launch a new brand. Pfft on the naysayers: RockSugar opens June 19. A company rep told Eater there were no immediate plans to take RockSugar national, but this is the Cheesecake Factory we're talking about, here. Chief executive David Overton says Vegas will most likely be next.
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