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The Shutter: Ingredients Closes After Short Run

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Last month, a confident sounding email blast for the newish Montrose gourmet grocery/restaurant Ingredients announced that things were going so well, chef/owner Michael Ruiz would be adding more nights to accomodate demand. Today exactly the opposite: A teary goodbye letter makes its way to our inbox.

To my friends and loyal customers,

I regret to have to report that Ingredients will no longer remain open for daily business and all reservations for upcoming tasting dinners are cancelled. We developed the concept of ingredients as an experiment to create a different take on what a restaurant/store could be. Sometimes these 'outside the box' concepts, (and regular restaurants as well), don't hit the mark and are unable to capture the minimum amount of customers to make a financially viable business. You could chalk it up to a number of possible reasons; economy, size, location, etc... Truth is, we just were not good enough to engage enough of the neighborhood. All that being said, I am extremely grateful for the business we did have and still remain confident with the concept and hope for another opportunity to revive Ingredients and Bistro Verdu.

Don't be so harsh on yourselves. Ruiz, whose Bistro Verdu (now Bashan) was well received and who talked about possibly opening another Montrose venture, goes on to say he's "accepted an excecutive chef position at a well known LA restaurant," but won't announce where until he's settled. You'll have the updates when we do.
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