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The Dish: Kitchen 24 Goes Round the Clock Tomorrow

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This week is crazy with the openings. Next up: Kitchen 24 opens on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood tomorrow. A little preview of the space a few weeks ago revealed a large airy space, cool custom-made cutlery light fixtures, white booths, a large bar and a eagle-eye DJ booth. Kind of Jetsons meets Dwell magazine. The plan is to serve classic diner food all day every day, plus cocktails, which means it will straddle a diner-lounge thing that will probably attract neighborhood lunchers during the day to people tired of waiting in line at Goa across the street at night. We're all for new cool places to to feed at odd hours, but when The Waffle attempted the same thing out of the gate, they quickly learned that "late-night dining" in LA tends to end around 2am; now it's open until 2:30am during the week and 4:30am on weekends. Wouldn't it suck if Kitchen 24 had to change it's name to Kitchen 22? (Opens May 29, 9am; 1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd, 323.228.4830)
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