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EaterWire: More Batali? Le Pain Quotidien At Victor's Deli, Blue Velvet Poolside Summer

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FAIRFAX DISTRICT: Now that Largo at the Coronet opens on La Cienega this coming Monday, the question is what will happen to the old Largo space on Fairfax. This little LAT nugget had us intrigued: "It's not yet known what style of bar (or restaurant) will go into the space?just that the venue has been looked at by everyone from the owners of the nearby Dime bar to famed chef Mario Batali over the last month." Ok, so we know the guys behind the Dime are looking for new locations, and we don't think they or Batali actually took this space. But just stop for a minute: Is Batali looking to do something else in LA? Something without Silverton? Something with? Another Mozza? Oh?the wheels. are. turning. [LAT]

HOLLYWOOD: When Victor's Deli closed on Bronson and Franklin, our Bronson Canyon spy learned that some mysterious "food and wine oriented" business was moving in, something the neighbors would easily "embrace." True, as long as everyone loves bread and communal dining: It will soon be a Le Pain Quotidien. [Chowhound]

DOWNTOWN: Blue Velvet throws their own pool party of sorts with a Mon-Fri happy hour (5p-8p). Chair massages ($1 per minute), and cheap drinks, but we're not talking cheap liquor and beer here; more like Sapphire and Chimay. Free hors d'oeuvres, too. [EaterWire Inbox]