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The Dish: O! Burger, Breadworks, Jian, Kitchen 24, More

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Here we have this week's Dish, some of the newest openings around town. See something debut and just need to blurt it out? Tips, pictures are welcome right here in the tip jar, please.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Replacing Topz on Santa Monica Boulevard, O! Burger opens tomorrow, May 31. Previously from the owners: "Everything is made with certified organic ingredients from our buns to our sauces, meats, vegetables and anything else that’s edible...the beef is organic grass fed, the turkey is organic free-range, the organic veggie burger is proprietary, our organic fries are baked and our O! Sauce (our version of 1000 Island) is house made with heart healthy ingredients." They're calling it the "first organic fast food restaurant in LA." (8593 Santa Monica Blvd, 310.854.0234) [EaterWire]

FAIRFAX/THIRD: Seth Silverman opens Breadworks in the J&T Bread Bin at the Farmers Market on Monday, June 2. He'll have Bread Bin's classic Hungarian cinnamon loaf, plus hamantaschen and even raw cookie dough. (6333 W. 3rd St., 323.936.0785) [LAT]

More Openings This Week: Jian Korean BBQ, Kitchen 24, Gordon Ramsay at the London, Cobras & Matadors La Brea.