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StarWatch: Elijah Wood at Piccolo, Alba at Barney Greengrass, Will Ferrell at Mozza and MORE

See a celeb at your favorite resto? Send your sightings right here with StarWatch in the subject line, and the world will excite with you.

PICCOLO RISTORANTE: A reader spied Elijah Wood with two female friends, and Curtis Stone with a group of friends at the Venice beach hideaway on a recent Sunday (5/18). [StarWatch Inbox]

BARNEY GREENGRASS: An operative spotted "belly rubbin'" Jessica Alba on Friday (5/23). "She walked through the restaurant (and presumably ate, but didn't see her seated) undisturbed." [StarWatch Inbox]

COMME CA: Having lunch last week (5/23), John Malkovich in a white sweater, eating with three others. "He looked great." [StarWatch Inbox]

GRACE: Friday 5/23: "Saw Richard Kind and a man who bore a striking resemblance to Hank Azaria with another couple. Since Kind and Azaria were in 'Mad About You' together, I have to assume it was Hank." [StarWatch Inbox]

SUSHI IKE: Last Saturday night (5/24): "Saw the bloated twin of James Spader. he seems to go there a lot, since it's not the first time I've seen him there. He also seems to like to take his time when he leaves, wandering aimlessly around the restaurant to make sure everyone notices him, and so he can thank each sushi chef individually. Still, even looking like a doddering, middle-aged, paunchy dude I think he's kind of hot." [StarWatch Inbox]

OSTERIA MOZZA: Memorial Day is for comedy: "Saw Will Ferrell eating dinner on Monday" (5/26). [StarWatch Inbox]

KATSU-YA: Teensy tiny Nicole Richie was at the Studio City orginal on 5/22. "She waited for a long time for a table and finally settled down at the sushi bar. She was with a nondescript female and was not approached by anyone." [Defamer]

TOAST: On a cupcake run someone found Bradley Cooper laying back on a couch sporting unbutton shirt and scruff. [Defamer]