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Eater Inside: Palate Food + Wine

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Consensus so far for Octavio Becerra's Palate Food + Wine is utterly delicious, getting raves for the "porkfolio" charcuterie plate, the potted meats and other spreadable things, the chicken breast that made Jonathan Gold rethink chicken (and liked it better than the blessed pork belly), the growing cheese program, the wines that go with everything. Soon there will be an "eno-gastronomic library" with more than 200 titles to peruse while sipping a glass of vino. The location, on the ground floor of the Wine Vault along car-delership row in Glendale, may be the least likely place to find such a foodie mecca, but Becerra, who helped Splichal grow the now-monolithic Patina empire, thinks there couldn't be a more perfect location. For once, Westsiders should be jealous. Further reading here and here.