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The Lodge Steakhouse Super Deal: For Real?

Times are tough for restaurants. Everyone's feeling it from the highest high-end to the lowly chains, so it's not surprising to see the sudden influx of discount nights---places like Ketchup and Citizen Smith offer 50% off all food items on Sundays or Mondays, so many happy hours popping up. On one hand, it seems like good business sense to offer said discounts to drive business on slow nights; some sales are better than none. On the other, it reeks of desperation. But this one from the Lodge sounded so crazy, the reader who sent it in wondered if it was fake. The gist: "Please accept this gift of $100 off your next meal (just print out this email and bring it in with you on your next visit; it will be recognized as a $100 gift certificate)." We called the Lodge and it's entirely legit. The deal, should you get your hands on the email, is good any day of the week, any time, and only applies to food (drinks, tip not included). We're speechless.
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