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Anisetticipation: Keeping the Wolves at Bay

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We aren't the only ones on pins and needles awaiting the debut of Alain Giraud's new Santa Monica brasserie, but we can't get the "Vain" Carly Simon song out of our head after receiving this press release from Anisette's publicist. We added some links to drive the points home:

ANISETTE: The Anticipation.
Partners Mike Garrett, Tommy Stoilkovich and Chef Alain Giraud have been feverishly working toward the opening of their brasserie Anisette. The recently published photos, unfortunately, do not begin to highlight the grandeur of this space, as designer Monte Hollis continues to place finishing design detail. Chef Giraud’s kitchen staff is scheduled day and night, perfecting recipes new and old, while General Manager David DeBacco continues to train the most sought-after front of house positions in Los Angeles.

So, when will it open?

Opening dates are often an important portion of leasing and partnership agreements in Los Angeles. In the case of this restaurant, however, it simply is not. Although the partners projected an opening date for the purpose of staff hiring and training, this restaurant will not open until it is time: all imported fixtures have arrived, design is complete; the staff is thoroughly and confidently trained; Chef Giraud is pleased with his menu and the performance of his staff.

THAT date will be announced soon.

We still hear it might open this weekend so keep your eyes peeled. UPDATE: Now we're hearing a Tuesday debut. You probably think this song is about you...
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