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The Dish Late Lunch/Early Dinner Alert: M Cafe de Chaya Culver City, Lot 1 in Echo Park

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Fresh from the scene today: M Cafe Culver City

CULVER CITY: Because they just can't get enough fresh to-go salads in Culver City, M Cafe de Chaya opened yesterday and stays open 8am-9pm daily. The second macrobiotic restaurant for the Chaya group has basically the same menu as the Melrose original, but there's more grab-and-go plus seating inside and out. (9343 Culver Blvd, 310838.4300; website)

ECHO PARK: Holding true to his word, Josef Centeno opens Lot 1 Cafe tonight. The a la carte menu looks enticing enough: Wild arugula salad with guanciale and jidori egg; roast chicken with chard; English pea ravioli; pepper-crusted steak with bone marrow toast. Centeno---whose bacos and tasting menus made serious foodies giddy at Opus---continues the same themes: The flat-bread "bacos" are available during the day, there's brunch on weekends, and Tuesdays are reserved solely for the tasting menu. (1533 Sunset Blvd, 213.481.8400)

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