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BREAKING: Possible Manzke Exit at Bastide

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Whoa. Still awaiting confirmation, but the huge rumor at last night's Chefs & Champagne event on Melrose Place is that Walter Manzke is no longer executive chef at Bastide. Owner Joe Pytka lured Manzke from the Monterey peninsula to reopen Bastide after being shuttered for almost two years; it only and finally opened in September '07. If true, it's still unclear whose decision it was. We didn't see him but heard Manzke was at the event, and we don't know if Bastide had a table but they were offering Champagne, chocolates and suckling pig sliders (dear God, someone serve those all the time) in the leafy garden patio. A few chefs confirmed the rumor not with words, but in code: Sometimes just a look and a nod explains it all. Story developing, plus a C&C Hangover Report soon. UPDATE: Totally confirmed.
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