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Dear Eater LA: "I Need Menu Help!"

We generally pluck help wanted ads from Craigslist and the like for Eater Headhunter, but since this reader asked for our help, we thought we'd lend a hand. Maybe we'll make Dear Eater LA a regular feature. You know, we're nothing if not helpful.

Dear Eater LA,

I am a Curbed LA reader and am working with probably the 2nd or 3rd most popular baker in L.A. to open a chain of bakeries in LA. Aside from a full bakery with fresh bread, fresh gelatos and extensive drinking menu, I want the food side to consist of salads, paninis, wraps, soup maybe more. I basically know what I want the food to be but need a chef to put it together. There are many restaurants I have visited across the country that have influenced the food side of the menu. I want to give that menu to an individual/firm and ask them to re-create it and add a special touch to it. Is it better to work with a company? A freelance chef? Culinary institute?

Thank you,
A fan

Answer: Place a help wanted ad. Oh, wait, you just did. We say go with an individual chef, even if they're currently employed. Offer them lots of money and an endless supply of baked goods and salad. These are desperate times. People will take what they can get.

Anyone else want to play? Answers, tips, ideas about who the "2nd or 3rd most popular baker in LA" is can all go in Comments. Serious contenders can email the tip line and we'll play matchmaker.