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Critic Showdown: Brix@1601

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Two critics, one restaurant. This week both S. Irene Virbila and Jonathan Gold preview Brix@1601, a wine-centric restaurant that opened at the Hermosa Pavilion a few weeks ago. Miss Irene says Michael McDonald's food isn't breaking any barriers but it's good and well-executed. There's talk of sliders and steaks. Gold basically agrees, but also gives mad props to Caitlin Stansbury, "one of L.A.’s rock-star sommeliers, a whip-thin woman with the haunted eyes of a lead guitarist and the ability to make Greek rosés and South African syrahs seem like the most desirable liquids in the world." We took a quick look a few weeks ago, but there's nothing like a shiny new photo gallery to bring it all home. (1601 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, 310.698.0740)
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