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Eater Inside: Three Drunken Goats

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Montrose is becoming quite the little foodie village, what with places like Bashan, Ingredients and even Zeke's to some degree. Now we have Three Drunken Goats, named for the Spanish cheese Drunken Goat that's soaked in wine for two to three days, plus the three main guys---two owners and chef---who may also soak in wine from time to time. It was Goudas & Vines, a fairly large and newish wine store, but the owners wanted to do something with all that space, so they added some tables and a nice bar, changed the name. There's still a retail wine element, but now you can get an array of nibbles from chef Jason Machaud, who opened both Cobras & Matadors locations. Expect the same Spanish tapas inflections on this menu. Lots of Spanish wines to go with those, too, and prices aren’t astronomical. Fitting for the nabe, for sure.