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The Shutter/Plywood Mashup: Chocolat, the New Table 8?

A reader sends a note that Chocolat on Melrose is closed up, dark, gone. This is not surprising. The only time we stepped foot in the place was to play "food critic" for some ridiculous reality TV show (true). The menu was all over the place, there wasn't a lot of business, the food was totally uninspired---abysmal experience, all around. But here's the fun part: Word is Table 8 will be the new tenant. Also not surprising. Govind Armstrong and Meridian Entertainment Group's restaurant opened under a Melrose tattoo shop to critical fanfare in 2003, closed for renovations in 2006, and then reopened as a dark den of incongruity in early 2007. The new Table 8 didn't seem to catch on---maybe it was the redesign, maybe it was more---comments were made, and the chef fought off closure rumors. OK, so a move isn't a closure per se, but it wasn't far off the mark. What will happen to the current Table 8 location? Will it finally become the lounge it wants to be? Will they dare use designer Thomas Schoos for a new location ? So many questioins. Full confirmation and details to come.
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