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EaterWire: Mario's Peruvian Just Fine, Trager Opens The Fifth, Ted Allen's Food Geek Show

MID-CITY/HANCOCK PARK: With for lease signs on both sides of it, a concerned tipster wonders about the little strip mall on Vine and Melrose that holds Mario's Peruvian: "I wonder if the whole mall will get the wrecking ball." According to the property management company, Mario's Peruvian is not threatened, just the former Popeye's and another smaller space are available. Lomo saltado for all! [EaterWire Inbox]

STUDIO CITY: Craig Trager and the Vintage Bar Group (The Well, The Woods, NoBar) took over the Studio Suite space (4823 Whitsett) to open The Fifth later this month. The lounge will have three areas: a game room with gold diamond wallpaper; a seated area with burnt orange flock wallpaper; and the main bar with cherry red paneling and the backbar from Daddys. [EaterWire]

FOOD NETWORK: Former Queer Eye guy and current Top Chef judge Ted Allen is getting his own FN show called Food Detectives, which will answer burning culinary questions like: Does it really take seven years for gum to digest in your stomach? Is the five-second rule true? Can an "apple a day" really keep the doctor away? Yeah, we can see him geeking out on this stuff. The show debuts on July 29, 9pm. [EaterWire Inbox]