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Outlying Dish: Yard House Bar & Grill

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The Cheesecake Factory isn't the only restaurant group testing new concepts these days. We don't cover a lot in the 909, but The Yard House---classic rock, three-foot glasses of beer, lots of greasy food---will debut its new "neighborhood" Yard House Bar & Grill on Father's Day (June 15) in Chino Hills. According to the press release, the "little sister" will have a more streamlined menu and beer selection, meaning 50 beers on tap (not 250) and only about 65 items on the menu (not 100 or more). PR also insists on calling Chino Hills "a suburb just east of Los Angeles." True, but it's in Riverside County San Bernardino County, people. If the concept works, the owners plan to open in more suburban locales. (13881 Peyton Dr, 909.631.2200)

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