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EaterWire: Wokcano SM, Charocal Staying Charcoal, Katana's Weekly Barbecue Party

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SANTA MONICA: There were "help wanted" signs hanging on the new Wokcano in the former Akwa space on Fifth Street, so we assumed it would be opening any day now. Not true. According to the tip line, there's still some construction going on and they hope to open by early July. Mediocre sushi replacing mediocre sushi. [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD: About the news (which was confirmed, btw) that Adolfo Suaya turning Charcoal into another Gaucho Grill: "I have it on authority from someone who should know that the plan to turn Charcoal into another Gaucho Grill has been put on hold indefinitely. Apparently, business has improved and they're staying with what now seems to be working." [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Katana's summertime Red Sun BBQ parties now take place every Sunday until Labor Day. Not necessarily a special deal kind of thing, just a special food and drink menu (take a look), sans special prices (drinks still hover around $12-$15). Available 6pm-11:30pm. [EaterWire Inbox]

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