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Dodgers' outfielder Andre Ethier is fifth on the team for runs and batting average this season, and apparently he knows where to get a mean shabu shabu, too. On his blog Dining With 'Dre, Ethier plans to recount some of his favorite Los Angeles dining finds: "Most of the restaurants that line these streets are not your typical chain spots, so it adds to the difficulty of determining what to try and what not to. For me, it took a little time to gather up the courage to be adventurous and go out on a limb and just try one of the spots that smell so good but look...well, not so nice." First up, pitcher Takashi Saito took Ethier to Shabu Hachi on Olympic and Barrington---"this is definitely a meal that you will not want to stop eating, as it is so simple but filled with so many great tastes." [DigLounge]

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