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Ilan Hall Loves LA

Top Chef season two winner Ilan Hall moved to LA in March and thinks it's going to be easier to make it here than in NY: "I'm working on something small on the beach and a supper club with a friend and looking at spaces. I'm just trying to establish myself here completely. Los Angeles is a good place for me now...New York is just competitive now. Professionally it's not the healthiest of things for me. There are the bloggers and ... with chefs - there's like a dissing contest. It's not a place I want to be. I want to be where chefs are welcome. There's space for new places and things that people haven't seen here." There's nothing LA loves more than someone coming in to bring something we havne't "seen" before, like the "restaurant truck that serves tapas" he planned for East Hollywood. One thing LA and NY both have: Bloggers. [NYDN]